DotA 6.60c Download

Dota 6.60c is an upcoming DotA All-Stars version by Icefrog.

Considering the huge update on the DotA 6.60 map, there is a very big possibility that DotA 6.60c will be released.
The current DotA version which is DotA 6.60b has a lot of bugs that still need to be fixed.

We will not discuss any beta leaks, cheats, maphacks about Dota Allstars v6.60c.w3x here but the DotAGeeks will surely fill you in with the latest DotA updates.

This post will be updated once DotA 6.60c is released.
DotAGeeks will show a DotA 6.60c Download Link.
Complete DotA 6.60c Changelogs will be released soon after.

If you have any information about DotA 6.60c or the upcoming DotA 6.61, please share it with us.


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