Top 10 DotA Playing Countries

Millions of gamers around the world play DotA.
But there are some countries that just massively follow this Warcraft mod.

According to Google Trends, the biggest countries for DotA for September 9, 2009 are the following: (these are arranged according to the results of the Google trends for DotA)

1. Philippines
2. Malaysia
3. Bolivia
4. Thailand
5. Singapore
6. Peru
7. Indonesia
8. Vietnam
9. Greece
10. Yugoslavia

And the biggest DotA server?
Believe it or not, it's not BattleNet but Garena.

There you have it!
So that means... If you're into DotA Lan Tournaments, you should move to the Philippines!
If you're into online DotA tournaments, you create a Garena account. It's free!


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